"If you want to keep a youthful figure forever, you can." Lotte Berk, 1978

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Lotte Berk


Lotte Berk was a German dancer living in London, who developed her ballet-inspired exercises during the 1950s. They were created to help men and women of all ages attain a strong yet supple figure as well as improved posture. The LOTTE BERK method consists of SIMPLE yet extremely EFFECTIVE exercises performed at the ballet barre and on a mat. The movements focus on strengthening while also stretching the muscles, resulting in a lean, toned figure, dancers poise and improved flexibility. Unlike other workouts, the exercises (particularly the unique Lotte Berk ‘tilt method of the hip’) use isometric movements to target areas such as the waist, stomach, bum and legs, achieving faster and more effective results.

According to Lotte Berk, hard work and fun go hand in hand, which is exactly what you will experience in our classes. Whether you’re young and active but looking to tone up, searching for a safe yet effective pre/postnatal workout, or are over 60 and keen to stay fit – our classes are perfect for everyone, regardless of age or stage in life.

"It’s true, that everything worthwhile in life is worth working hard for, and surely it is worth a little hard work to achieve a super shapely body that walks well, a body on which clothes fall more beautifully, a body full of vitality that makes men aware, and makes you feel so happy to be alive."



A lifelong dancer, Tina Graf trained in classical ballet at the Basel Stadttheater for ten years during her youth. She later qualified as a Pilates instructor, but found that for many people, the Pilates method was simply not effective, and also not properly tailored to the female body. She began searching for a better suited exercise technique, and discovered this in the Lotte Berk Method.

Tina began working with Esther Fairfax, Lotte Berk’s only daughter, who handed down to her the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk class in its true, authentic format. Having completed training with Esther Fairfax, Tina qualified as a Lotte Berk instructor in Spring 2016. She is now also licensed to train and certify other instructors who aspire to teach the true Lotte Berk Method.

More information about Esther Fairfax: www.lotte-berk.com

Tina is currently working with Esther Fairfax on an exercise book about the original Lotte Berk technique (publication expected in Spring 2017).

Tina Graf & Esther FairfaxHungerford, England, März 2016

"I believe that if you work on your body you can have a beautiful shape and you will feel wonderful. That’s why I want to bring Lotte Berk into your life"

About the classes


Class Schedule

Get the shape you’ve always wanted! Our classes are small, specialized and focused, so make sure to sign up early to reserve your spot! Single classes and packages of 5, 10 or 20 classes can be purchased with cash, with EC card or by invoice.

Your first class (trial session) is for free. Please book your spot by contacting Tina Graf

The class

tinagraf is unique from other barre studios around because it is based on the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Method. In our classes, you will find the exact moves Lotte Berk used to train her elite clientele in London and the United States back in the day. Lotte Berk believed that whatever your shape, this method of exercise will make it more svelte, and simply help clothes hang more beautifully on your frame. Once you commit, you will also find this to be true!

What to wear

We advise that you wear comfortable clothing and grippy socks or gymnastic/ballet shoes to ensure you don’t slip on the floor. Trainers are not needed. Exercise mats are provided in the studio; however, please bring your own towel and something to drink.


In our classes, you dramatically improve:

  • Muscle definition / body tone
  • Body shape, especially around your waist, stomach and seat
  • Pelvic floor strength
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Circulation and cardiovascular health

Class Schedule:


Personal Trainings - for appointments please contact Tina


10:00-11:00 - The Lotte Berk Workout
12:00-13:00 - The Lotte Berk Workout
14:00-15:00 - Post Natal Lotte Berk Workout*
*you can bring your little one with you (up until 9 months old babies))


Personal Trainings - for appointments please contact Tina


12:00-13:00 - The Lotte Berk Workout
19:00-20:00 - The Lotte Berk Workout


Personal Trainings - for appointments please contact Tina


10:30-11:30 - The Lotte Berk & Stretch Workout

Price List

* Trial * - free

Please register for the lessons by contacting Tina Graf.

Abo 5 lessons

CHF 225.-


  • valid 3 months

Abo 10 lessons

CHF 400.-


  • valid 6 months

Abo 20 lessons

CHF 700.-


  • valid 12 months

Private Lessons

CHF 140.-


  • Price per hour
  • Up to 2 persons can attend at private lesson

In order to guarantee your spot, please register for the lessons by contacting Tina Graf. Cancellations: Please inform Tina Graf 24h before the lesson.

Studio Location

tinagraf Exercise Studio
Belsitostr. 14, 8044 Zurich, Switzerland
PHONE: +41 79 515 37 94
PHONE: +41 79 515 37 94 PHONE: +41 79 515 37 94 PHONE: +41 79 515 37 94

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"My Improper Mother and Me"by Esther Fairfax daughter of Lotte Berk.

This book is sold out on the market; however we were able to get hold of 40 new copies before they sold out. If you would like to purchase one, please get in touch with Tina Graf. Price: CHF 30.- (excluding packing and shipping costs from Switzerland)

Delivery after payment only. Bank details will be sent in the confirmation email.


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